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CitiBank was established in India with its first office in Kolkata in 1902. It started with a capital of US$ 1 billion, and is the largest foreign investor in the financial services industry in India. The bank offers a wide range of products to its customers worldwide. The Citigroup has a customer base of over 900 large corporates, over 22,000 small and medium enterprises, and over 3,500,000 retail customers.

The bank, through global, corporate and investment banking group provides a range of financial services including treasury management, transaction services including cash management, trade services, securities custodianship, foreign exchange, fixed income and equities, sales and trading and corporate finance to corporate clients, government and financial institutions. In the retail segment, the bank offers credit cards, mortgages, personal and auto loans, insurances and investment services to its valuable customers.

Citibank fulfills all the requirements of its customers. They have financial assistances regarding all problems of their clients. Their main focus lies on credit cards and retail banking. The bank has a wide network of 39 branches spread across 27 cities and over 400 Citi Card banking centers that combine ATMs, Self service phone and internet banking.

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