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About Us

HDFC has been offering housing loans for almost 30 years in India, and is a market leader in home mortgages. The firm is among India's principal financial institutions with a distribution network of 250 branches and 90 outreach programme centres across the nation. Today, with equities worth more than Rs 80,000 crores, a customer base of 32 lakhs and AAA rating for 13 consecutive years, the group has extended into banking, insurance (Life and General), asset management and property venture funds.

ERGO is the primary insurance entity of Munich Re Group, which is also one of the world's largest risk carriers and the ace health and legal protection insurance company in Europe. Its investments total to over € 100 billion. 3.3 crore clients in 25 countries place their trust in the services, competence and security which ERGO serves.

A reputed collaboration of these two financial czars, the company aims at setting landmarks in its path of innovating products and providing durable customer service.

Personal Accident Insurance
  • Accident Protection Plan
  • Revive
  • Professional and Management liability
  • Property
  • casualty
  • Group Insurance
  • Gramin Suraksha Bima
  • Parivar Suraksha Bima
  • Cattle Insurance
  • Sheep and Goat Insurance
  • Rainfall Index Insurance

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